ASEA Legal Services.

How to Use Your Benefits

First: Confirm Your Coverage

Review the coverage we provide to confirm that your situation is a covered matter. You should also call our Administration Office at 866-678-8647 to confirm your eligibility.

Next: Select an Attorney

Select an attorney and make an appointment. For your convenience, we’ve prepared a list of participating attorneys who have agreed to limit their fees to the rate our plan will pay. You may select any qualified U.S. attorney, not just the ones on this list. However, if the attorney you select charges more per hour than the plan maximum, you will be responsible for making up the difference.

Third: Print out the Claim Form

Print out a claim form, fill out the top portion, and bring it with you the first time you visit the attorney’s office.  Your attorney must sign and submit the form to the Administration Office, along with an itemized bill for the services you receive.  We ask that they try to get this done within 30 days of providing the services. 

Print out the Claim Form here, or call the Administration Office and ask to have one mailed to you.


ASEA Legal Services.